Frequently Asked Questions

01 ↠ What's your availability for 2020 and 2021?

My availability for 2020 is very limited since I'm only able to accept a limited amount of weddings per month to give my clients the attention they deserve.

As for 2021, I'm currently accepting bookings! Reach out to me to discuss the details of your wedding!

02 ↠ Do you offer destination services? If so, what are your travel rates?

Absolutely! I love traveling. I've been to a lot of places in the United States, however, I've never left the States yet (Canada doesn't count). As far as travel fees, it depends where you need me. It'd be best to get in contact with me in order for me to get the I can get the information I need to provide you with the best quote.

03 ↠ How long until we are able to see your masterpiece starring us?

Your deliverables will be available to you no later than 60 to90 days from your wedding date.

No worries, I'm not that mean. I'll provide you with some sneak peeks here and there, on social media as well as with you personally.

So make sure you follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! ;)

04 ↠ Where are you based out of?

I am currently based out of the Pacific North West.

Seattle, Washington.

05 ↠ Do you use photoshop? Can you make us look thinner?

Yes, I do use photoshop but only to a certain extent with very little fixes to help enhance select images.

And no, I will not change your appearance. You're an amazingly beautiful human being and if you haven't been told that, this is me telling you that right now.

06 ↠ How long have you been shooting weddings and how experienced are you?

I've been messing around with photography since high school and it's been a hobby ever since. I've been shooting wedding photography here and there since 2015 and creating wedding films since 2016.

07 ↠ What's your photography style?

Definitely, Non-Traditional. I like the modern, artistic, and creative style.

I like in the raw and in-the-moment candids using natural light.

08 ↠ How would you describe your style of wedding films?

I'm a huge film buff without a doubt. I love making a wedding film showcasing my couples' love story in a cinematic way using dialogue from throughout the day. Each wedding video is handcrafted to each couple. This is why it is sooooo important for us to have a great relationship to make a wedding film amazing. Same goes for photography as well. Wedding couples who open up to my team and I always LOVE their products. I've been lucky enough to have each and every one of my clients that LOVE their films.

09 ↠ Do you offer anything else besides feature films?

We have an A La Carte list of additional deliverables you can add on to your packages. One minute Instagram teasers, highlight reels, ceremony films, speech films and more.

10 ↠ Can I select the music for my wedding film?

Music selection is difficult. It has to be chosen to help evoke and bring out the emotion out of our viewers. Now, that wedding films are a huge hit online and are shared online, we must purchase licenses for each individual music track we use in our client's wedding films. This keeps us, our content and mostly our clients, safe.

We'll create a list of some of the best music based on your personalities as a couple, and we'll forward them your way to narrow it down!

11 ↠ What do you accept for payments?

We prefer Cash, Checks, and Money orders, but we also accept Venmo, Paypal, and Credit Cards.

If you do prefer paying online, Venmo and Paypal work the best if you're paying straight from your debit card or bank account. It avoids fees on both our ends.

12 ↠ Do you require a retainer?

I require a 50% non-refundable retainer due when you sign the contract. This holds your date and I am your Wedding Content Creator for your wedding day!

The remaining amount is due a month before your wedding date.