Searching for the right Creative

Sometimes when I’m searching and investigating, I like to pretend I’m an FBI agent of Google. It’s a good thing and a bad thing. The good is that I find some awesome and valuable information. The bad is that sometimes I fall into a rabbit hole on Youtube watching things like the Illuminati,  9/11, the Mandela Effect, or even worse… the flat earth society. By the way, the earth is round.

If your main objective is to find cinematographers and photographers whose sole purpose is to take your traditional pictures or point and record your wedding day, my team and I are not going to be your best choice.

We’re creative artists who love storytelling couple’s affections for one another and showcase who they are as a couple. If you’re someone who is simply looking for the cheapest price, we’re also not going to be the right ones for you. Those who look for the cheap deals are typically those who don’t value our work. Wedding films and photography are an investment in your marriage and are keepsakes to cherish for your entire marriage.

My Process

The essence of the perfect wedding photographs begins with the connection that you have with your photographer and wedding cinematographer. To achieve the most magical wedding photographs and wedding film, I start with the simple things, getting to know who you are as a couple; learning about your love story, your triumphs, and challenges and what gets your heart racing.

Our relationship will not encompass one single day, but a journey over months. I want to get to know you, how you tick, what makes you smile and enjoy and witness the love that you have for each other. You see, I don’t just take “photos” and “videos”, I capture the essence of your love story and bring it to life from behind the lens. The result will be remarkable.

Let’s get together over a cold craft beer, your favorite coffee or at the dog park with my dog, Gram to get to know each other and see if we’d be a great fit for one another.  And don’t worry, as your wedding day approaches our relationship will grow and evolve.

I am fun to work with, professional and ready to meet and get to know you! Let’s get started now! Give me a ring 1-563-277-7353


Straightforward Pricing, Don’t Hesitate To Contact Us To Get A Full Quote.

Our Wedding Services

** Investments are subject to change at any given moment.**

Check with us to make sure your wedding date is still available and secure it!

Travel fees include but are not limited to mileage, airfare, rental car & hotel. Mileage is 58 cents/mile round trip.

For more details on pricing information, please fill out a brief questionnaire under the contact form!



We've simplified our films even more for your convenience.

Wedding Films start at $3210 with tax
($3300 King County, WA)

- 5-minute film, delivered in 4K
- 8 Hours of Coverage
- 2nd Videographer
- 4K Digital Download of Final Film and 1080p Digital Download for Mobile
- Drone Coverage (Coverage depends on venue and weather)
- Vows and Speeches will be recorded and intertwined into the final video
- Final video will be edited and delivered within 8-12 weeks



Like our wedding films, we've simplified our photography offers from four different packages to one base cost. You can add items that pique your interest.

Wedding Photography Start at $2675 with Tax
($2750 King County, WA)

- Up to 8 Hours of Coverage Time
- Two Photographers
- Full Digital Photo Release
- Deliverables within 8-12 weeks


Destination Collection

Your destination wedding film collection requires an extra day of filming to enhance your film by capturing the essence of the location where you're about to be wed. Our team will venture out to capture the beauty and sounds of your destination.

This plays an important role by give you and your viewers a rush of emotions of everything you felt and remember of that day. Whether it be the sand between your toes and the ocean splashing or the fresh mountain air with the birds chirping, we'll be sure to capture every moment of it so that you can relive it.

Destination Wedding Films start at $4997 with tax

Limited Dates Available! We do a lot more than weddings and we can accept, travel to and film only so many weddings in a season, so we love to make sure we’re a match.